Disadvantages of Mechanical Deadbolt Lock

Although electronic keyless door locks are taking over the market, mechanical deadbolt locks are still in use in most homes and businesses today. Unlike digital door locks, mechanical deadbolt locks have been faced with lots of vulnerabilities over the years. And, this is the main reason many residential and business property owners are ditching the keys. Mechanical deadbolt locks are generally considered cheaper and much easier to install but, they also have several downturns that you should know.

In case you are struggling with choosing between digital door locks and mechanical deadbolt locks, the disadvantages of a mechanical deadbolt lock discussed below can give you a clearer picture.

Limited access control

When using a mechanical deadbolt lock, it is always very easy to be locked out of your property. This is because, mechanical keys can be easily misplaced or lost, which means you have to find a spare one. In fact, the situation can even be more humiliating if you do not have a spare key since you will have to contact a locksmith to work on the lock before you gain access to the premises.

Although hiring a locksmith to produce another key may seem like a way out, it can be very inconveniencing and expensive too. Sometimes, you may have to wait for several hours before a locksmith can show up to fix the hitch. And, you will also have to pay the locksmith each time he or she comes to your aid.

With a mechanical deadbolt lock, it is very difficult to control accessibility to your property. In case there are other people who also need to visit the premises in your absence, you will need to make an extra key or hide the key somewhere they can find it. As a result of this, you cannot even know when someone goes in or out of the building, thereby jeopardizing access control.

Easy to duplicate the keys

Regardless of the type or model of mechanical deadbolt lock that you have, the keys can be easily forged by just any locksmith. Forging a mechanical key is a matter of minutes and does not involve any elaborate procedures. Since keys can be easily misplaced, anyone with bad intentions can grab it and make a copy before you know it. Even if you do not misplace the keys, someone can easily spot them where they are kept and make a copy without your knowledge.

And, you cannot also know when someone makes a copy of the key. Besides, it is also difficult to notice an activity on the lock, which even presents much greater risks. With an extra key, anyone can always come in or out of your property without any detection. Considering all these vulnerabilities, there is no doubt mechanical deadbolts can be easily compromised by intruders.


There are several ways a mechanical deadbolt lock can be inconveniencing. Foremost, you have to always carry keys around with you whenever you go or hide them somewhere. This means that each time you forget the keys behind, you have to go back for them or break the lock in order to gain access to your property. This can waste quite a lot of your time, especially when you are in a hurry.

Another reason mechanical deadbolt locks are inconveniencing is, users must always be physically present in order to lock or unlock the door. This makes mechanical door locks very unreliable in cases whereby a third party may need urgent access and do not have the keys. If your guests do not have the keys, they will always have to wait until you return in order to get in or out of the house.

Unlike electronic keyless digital door locks that give users options of unique authentication methods, mechanical deadbolt locks have only one means of access, which must involve the use of keys. With this kind of limitation, there are higher chances your experience with the lock is always curtailed. Coupled with the stress of having to contact and wait for a locksmith or break in whenever the keys are lost or misplaced, mechanical deadbolt locks can be very inconveniencing.

Expensive in the long term

Generally, mechanical deadbolt locks are considered a cheaper option for those who may not be able to afford keyless digital door locks. However, it should be noted that mechanical door locks can be very costly in the long run considering frequent repair works and replacements always conducted whenever keys are lost or misplaced.

In order to avoid all these risks, you should consider switching to electronic keyless digital door locks. And, the best place to acquire quality and affordable digital door locks and installation services in Singapore is Digital Door Lock Singapore.