Keypad Digital Door Lock Installation

Keypad Digital door lock is among the most efficient keyless door locks for the home or business. This digital door lock system is usually very simple but, that should never entice you into handling the installation on your own. For the system to work effectively, all the components must be included, fixed into their right places and also programmed. This requires more than just basic DIY skills.

At Digital Door Lock Singapore, our technicians can always help you with all the processes of installing a Keypad digital door lock in a residential or commercial building. All our technicians are well trained and have a better understanding of all the components of a Keypad PIN digital door lock and processes of setting it up for use. Therefore, you can always count on us to deliver top notched workmanship tailored to your needs.

Depending on the number of Keypad digital door locks that you wish to have installed on your property and other specifications for the job, we will first prepare and deliver a free quotation for the entire project. This is important to enable you know exactly what it will cost to have all the work done to perfection. Even if you may not need the services immediately, a free quotation could still help with planning for the services at a later date.

How we Conduct Keypad PIN Access Digital Door Lock Installation

Effective installation of a Keypad digital door lock requires one who is well informed on the parts and accessories of the system as well as the steps of fixing them. Remember even a slight mistake in the installation process could compromise the entire system. And, that is why we pay a lot of attention to first inspect the particular areas where the lock will be installed, the door lock and other important aspects that could affect its operation.

Before we begin the installation process, we will first make sure that all the components of the system are in place and suited to the particular area where the door lock will be used. In case of any hitches or concerns with the components, they must be first dealt with before installation. We do this so that you are not bothered with frequent breakdown or malfunction due to using faulty components or failure to properly prepare the areas where the lock is mounted.

Since a Keypad PIN digital door lock relies on dead bolts and holes punched on the door frame to keep the door in position, our technicians will take the measurements of the door and create holes in line with the specifications of the system.

A Keypad digital door lock system is a unit that mainly consists of the actual door lock, keypad, dead bolts and other components. The first step is mounting the lock onto the door. The lock usually has bolts that are used to attach it to the mounting plate using a screw driver. However, it should be noted that the system has an external and internal keypads so the door can easily be accessed from outside or inside. We usually start with the external plate then the internal keypad.

In fixing the keypad and lock, we are always very cautious to make sure that all the wires linking the system to the battery and other miniature components are in place.  Besides, we always conduct the process with a lot of care to ensure that none of the components of the lock is destroyed or compromised in any way.

After the whole system has been fixed into place, we will first check whether the deadbolts retract and extend smoothly. This is to ensure that you do not end up with a scenario where you have to struggle so hard to open or close the door. Since the entire system is automated the door lock should be able to move freely in and out to facilitate easy opening and closing of the door. In case the deadbolts cannot retract and extend smoothly, we will have to disassemble the system and do the procedure again until it is right.

Setting up the System and Testing

After installing the door lock, we will also help you with programming or setting it to your desired PIN or codes. This product usually comes with two or more unique user codes that we will advise you to change into something you can easily remember. However, the PIN or number code that you choose should also be something that other people cannot easily compromise or predict for safety.

Due to diversity in Keypad Access digital door lock models, each has a programming guide to be used in setting it up. However, we understand that using the guide can sometimes be challenging, especially if you have never used this door lock.  Therefore, our technicians will also take you through the basics of how to operate the door lock including, changing the settings, maintenance procedures, solving common hitches and other important information.

The final part of the installation process is testing the system. Our professionals will also perform a test of the Keypad Access door lock system to ensure that it operates as required. During this process, we will try all the functions of the system to ascertain their effectiveness before handing it over to you. In case of any hitches during testing, we will also make sure that they are all fixed and in good shape.

Why Hire Professional Keypad Digital Door Lock Installation Services

Hiring Digital Door Lock Singapore to handle the installation of a Keypad digital lock in your building comes with numerous benefits. The following are some of the advantages of hiring our Keypad digital door lock installation services;

  • Customized installation services for all models of Keypad digital door locks
  • Highly reliable services delivered at your own convenience
  • The best Keypad digital door lock installation for both homes and businesses
  • Competitive rates for every budget

Due to our expertise and experience in digital door lock installation services, we are confident that your Keypad Access digital door lock will be perfectly fitted where you want it. Our technicians can always save you the stress and risks of handling the work by yourself with a guarantee of the best results.