RFID Digital Door Lock Authentication

RFID authentication is a method mainly applied in RFID digital door locks. The system relies on electronic information stored in a tag to grant or deny access. The information on the tag is linked to data on the system, which has to be verified or compared whenever one needs to access the lock. Unlike other keyless digital door lock systems, RFID enabled door lock can effectively read data on the tag even from a distance such that, you do not have to take it out of the pocket or from where it is embedded.

The tags are basically in the form of special cards that act as the keys for accessing the system and, have in-built radio frequency signals that the system’s sensor uses to verify and confirm the user’s data. The tag also has an integrated circuit that helps in the storage and processing of information. The data is kept in a non-volatile memory for enhanced security and easy accessibility by the RFID reader. Depending on the number of intended users, you can have one or more tags.

Digital Door Lock Singapore is the right dealer that can offer you quality RFID digital door locks. And, we also offer custom digital door lock installation services, which you can also get in order to set up and use RFID authentication. Considering the enhanced security of this method of digital door lock authentication, it is applied in the design of a wide range of RFID digital door lock designs, models and brands for residential and business premises. However, it is important that you first understand the design and how RFID authentication works.

How RFID Authentication Works

For you to operate RFID authentication, you will be asked to provide your personal information or data, which will be stored in the tag or micro-chip as well as the digital door lock system. The system has a Radio Frequency signals reader, which has to first scan and verify the information on the tag. In case the information on then tag matches the one on the system, you will be able to gain access. Remember, the system can only be authenticated if the data on the system is similar to that on the keycard.

Basically, RFID authentication relies on two factors, which are the tag or keycard and the digital door lock system’s reader. Whenever you need to access the door, the information on the tag is electronically sent to the reader, which will then verify the data and compare it with the one saved on the system. The authentication process is automatically initiated whenever you are next to the door lock. This facilitates communication between the reader and your tag via radio frequency signals.

The entire system of an RFID digital door lock is automated, which means you do not have to press any keys or make contact with the system in order to access the door. Depending on the expected traffic, you can acquire one or more tags or keycards to use. However, each card is configured with unique information so that it can only be used by the intended person. For example, of you have ten employees in your business, you can get ten RFID authentication tags, each with personal information of the particular user.

Most RFID digital door locks have a huge memory space for storing user data. In fact, a wide range of them can support up to 500 keycards, which means it can store information for a similar number of users. Although most of the RFID authentication processes are electronically run, there are also some models of RFID digital door locks with touchscreen keypads that you can also use to program the system. However, even such models still need an RFID tag or keycard to facilitate authentication.

RFID enabled digital door locks are operated by tags, however, it should be noted that not just any tag can authenticate the system. Every tag is unique to the particular RFID digital door lock system that it is programmed with. And, this means you must always use the specific keycard given for the system. In case the tag is not linked to the system, you cannot be able to access the door. The data on the tag must always match that stored in the system for authentication to be successful.

RFID authentication can be used in all kinds of RFID digital door locks. Thus, it can applied in numerous residential and business establishments. Depending on the required level of security, this method of digital door lock authentication is recommended for both condominiums, HDB, landed property, warehouses, offices and commercial buildings.

Benefits of RFID Authentication

There several benefits that you can enjoy with RFID authentication digital door locks. The following are more reasons why you should opt for a digital door lock with RFID authentication function;

Keyless door access

When using RFID authentication for your digital door lock, you will no longer need to carry keys around. The tag can be easily fit into the wallet, purse or simply embedded onto something that you use daily. The system has sensitive sensors and card readers to easily access the signals of the tag from a distance for authentication.

Enhanced security

This method of authentication is fully-automated, which makes it more secure. Besides, the two-factor user data verification procedures also makes it hard for third parties to hack or compromise. Besides, the system only works with a specific tag or keycard that it is programmed with.


RFID authentication is also very flexible in terms of application. In fact, you can even link the door lock system to your laptop or PC. This ensures that you are able to conduct authentication from those devices at will, which also makes it very efficient and reliable. Besides, it can effectively work in all kinds of RFID digital door locks.

In case your system is linked to another device like, PC, you will be able to also monitor the movement of people through the door. On the other hand, you will also be able to easily change the settings of the system to suit your schedule.

To enjoy all the benefits of RFID authentication highlighted above, you need the best RFID digital door lock and installation services, which can be easily obtained from Digital Door Lock Singapore.