Office Digital Door Lock

Your office is one of the places that you should always have total access control over so as to maintain discipline amongst your employees, and also enhance security within the premises. However, this should not push you to dig deeper into your pocket or keep trying out various office security options, which could not even be effective. At Digital Door Lock Singapore, we offer a selection of top notch office digital door locks that you can use to efficiently improve security and access control in your office without spending huge sums of money.

We understand that offices usually have unique designs and sizes, which require diverse options when it comes to digital door locks. In order to meet all these demands, our company offers a wide range of office digital door lock models, styles and brands that you can always choose from. And, we can also assist you when selecting our products to ensure that you are able to get the right digital door lock for your office.

Whether you are in the business industry or any other, your office holds a lot in terms of your career practice, reputation and investments. Therefore, access control is an important aspect that must always be given priority. Instead of investing in very expensive security systems or putting yourself into the stress of manually controlling traffic into your office, simply get a digital door lock. An automated door lock is a more reliable and cost-effective investment that can enable you to effectively ensure access control without raising a finger.

Advantages of Using Office Digital Door Lock

There are numerous advantages that you can attain with a digital door lock on your office. The following are the main benefits of using our office digital door locks;

Total control over accessibility to your office

One of the greatest advantages of using a digital door lock is, it gives you the power to easily manage traffic into and out of the office. These digital door locks have diverse functionalities that enable the users to set them according to their personal schedules. For instance, you can program the door to only allow access to specific people. Besides, you can even set the door to automatically close and open only at designated times.

Keeps track of all movements through the entrances

When using an office digital door lock, you are also able to get up to date information about all the traffic into and out of your office. This is an important security feature since the records can be easily availed for reference in the event of an intrusion. In fact, the door locks also have alarms to notify users whenever someone is trying to compromise the system.

Enhanced security

Although there are numerous security features on digital door locks, the unique authentication methods makes them even much safer to use in offices. Instead of mechanical keys, our office digital door locks are operated by number codes, fingerprint identification, RFID, security tokens among other options. With such provisions, unauthorized access to your office is almost impossible when using a digital door lock.

Less Maintenance and Operational Costs

Our digital door locks are very easy and also cheaper to maintain and operate.  A digital door lock relies on 4 AA batteries to power the system, hence, no additional energy costs. Besides, there is very little maintenance required once the system is set up. In fact, office digital door locks could be a great way to significantly reduce the elevated costs of security.

Greater Convenience

When using a digital door lock, you no longer have to cut mechanical keys for accessing your office. All the systems are electronically wired and can be programmed to work with various internet-enabled devices like, smartphones, tablets and PCs, which ensures you can easily control the door from anywhere and also at any time. Besides, digital door locks are also very easy to set up. Operating the system is basically DIY and does not require a professional.

Why Buy Office Digital Door Locks from Digital Door Lock Singapore

When planning to purchase digital door locks for an office in Singapore, the best place to always do your shopping is Digital Door Lock Singapore. The following are some of the guarantees of buying the products from our company;

  • High quality office digital door locks
  • Wide selection of keyless digital door locks for every office
  • Competitive prices
  • Reliability

Whenever you buy an office digital door lock from us, we will always make sure that it is delivered within the required deadline. Our company also specializes in professional digital door lock installation services that you can easily acquire for the complete package.