Condominium Digital Door Lock

Simply called condo by most people, a condominium is a residential building that comprises a series of private apartments. Although the establishment includes various housing units, each of the apartments are constructed with individual doors, windows and other features to ensure that everyone has their own space. This means that accessibility to your apartment is an individual responsibility. Since the condo is shared by many people, home owners can opt to install digital door locks in their individual units.

Sometimes, the owner of the property can decide to include digital door locks when building or conducting renovations. However, there are also quite a number of condominiums in Singapore that do not have such facilities. Whether you own a condominium or renting an apartment, we can offer the best condominium digital door locks for better access control and security. In fact, we have a wide range of digital door lock types, models and brands for various kinds of condos to choose from.

Condominiums are one of the main residential properties in Singapore, and the number is rapidly increasing across various parts of the country. As a result, there is quite a huge number of people accommodated in such establishments, making them a hunting ground for burglars. And, the best way to cushion your home against burglary and other forms of unauthorized access is through condominium digital door lock installation.

Application of Digital Door Locks in Condominiums

There are various sections in a condominium where digital door locks can be used. In case you are the owner of the property, you can choose to install digital door locks on main entrances that are shared by all tenants or in individual housing units. Condos usually have one main entrance that is used by all people living in the apartments therein and by installing a digital door lock, you can easily limit accessibility to tenants.

Depending on the type of digital door lock that you choose, you will need to process access to all the tenants. For example, if you acquire an RFID Card digital door lock, you will be required to also register your tenants’ information into the system for use in authentication. In this way, each of them is able to easily access the residence at their own convenience.

On the other hand, we can also deliver condominium digital door locks for individual housing units within the establishment. However, you must be sure that fixing the lock will not cause any issues with the owner of the property. For individual apartment owners within the establishment, you can also choose where to set up the door lock depending on the required security level, the design of your apartment and budget. For a single housing unit, you can either get a digital door lock for the front door, back door as well as other rooms within the house.

Advantages of Using Digital Door Locks in Condominiums

There is so much that you will be able to enjoy by using a digital door lock in your condo in terms of access control and security. The following are some of the advantages of using our condominium digital door lock;

  • No more need of carrying keys around
  • Better control over how and when people can access your home
  • Economical way to enhance security in your home
  • Easy monitoring of traffic in your home in real time
  • Immediate alerts in times of forced entry

Our condo digital door locks are built with advanced technologies that make them safe from burglars and unauthorized access. These locks come with unique authentication methods that are well-secured against intrusion including; Number code and Passcode Authentication, Security Token Authentication, Biometric Authentication and RFID Authentication. These are technologies that are not easy to crack or pick, which makes the digital locks very secure.

All our condominium digital door locks are automated, which means that you will no longer bother carrying keys whenever you go. In fact, there are various functions that the system can do individually without any effort on your part. For instance, the door lock can be programmed to open and close at particular times of the day even in your absence. With this, you can always welcome guests into your home even if you are not around.

Our residential digital door locks run on 4 AA batteries, which can effectively power the system for up to 12 months. Besides, there is usually very little maintenance required once the door lock is set up in your condo.

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