Business Digital Door Lock

Looking for a highly efficient and economical way to improve security and access control in your business premises? Keyless digital door locks are the best option to always go for. Unlike conventional door locks, our business digital door locks are automated and skilfully customized to give you total control over accessibility to your office, commercial building or warehouse. Our company offers a wide selection of the best quality digital door locks for all businesses.

Whether you have a small or large business, safety of the premises should always be given precedence. However, this does not mean that you have to spend large sums of money. A business digital door lock is a reliable and economical investment that will enable you to not only control accessibility to the building but also monitor traffic therein, in real time. Depending on the model or brand of digital door lock that you acquire, you are even able to enjoy remote door access control.

At Digital Door Lock Singapore, we are always committed to the satisfaction of individual customer needs. And, that is why we also have the most competitive prices in the market. In fact, it is only with us that you are guaranteed the best quality products and services at pocket friendly rates customized to your budget. Besides these, we can also offer customers professional advice on how to choose the most suitable digital door locks for various kinds of business premises.

The main Business Digital Door Locks that you can get from our company include:

Commercial Building Digital Door Lock

A commercial building can accommodate several businesses or a single entity. Despite the number of businesses in the building, we have a collection of the best digital door locks that you can choose from. Commercial buildings usually experience a lot of traffic due to the huge number of people who visit and, access control could be an effective way of enhancing security and easy movement. We have the right commercial digital door locks that can help you achieve all these.

Office Digital Door Lock

Proper control over accessibility to your office will not only make your work easier but, could also go a long way in enhancing security. Instead of investing in other sophisticated and expensive options, simply get an office digital door lock. With our digital door locks, you have the power to control the movement of people both in and out of your office and, also keep track of them all. Besides, you can also program the door lock to your specific schedule and needs.

Warehouse Digital Door Lock

Our warehouse digital door locks are highly durable and designed with advanced technologies to withstand threats of burglary and other forms of unauthorized access to your warehouse. Having a faulty warehouse door lock can leave your investments exposed to a lot of risks but, why take such chances when you can easily get the ultimate security solutions with our warehouse digital door locks? We offer a selection of quality door locks to choose from for every kind of warehouse.

Benefits of Using Business Digital Door Locks

Different businesses usually take unique approaches when it comes to access control and security of their premises. However, quite a number of those approaches have not been effective. And, this has led many business owners to consider using our products. This can be attributed to the numerous benefits that come with using business digital door locks like;

Keyless Entry/ Exit

Digital door locks are automated and, can be operated without mechanical keys. In fact, our business digital door locks offer diverse authentication options that are not easily compromised including; Number Code & Passcode, Biometrics, Security Tokens among others. With such functionalities, you do not need to hide keys or carry them around with you for accessing the building. This also makes the door locks very safe since it is not easy for a third party to know how each is accessed.

Total Access Control

Whenever you buy and install our digital door locks on your commercial building, office or warehouse, there is a guarantee that you will have the final say to who can go in or leave the premises and, also when they can do that. Digital door locks are automated, which means you can always program them to operate at your own convenience. Besides, you will also be able to get real time information about the traffic within your premises, which is important during events of intrusion or other disputes.


Instead of investing in other expensive measures to curb security in your business premises, our business digital door locks can offer the best results at the lowest costs. Once the door lock system is installed, very few maintenance procedures are required. In fact, most of these are DIY. Besides, we also have the most affordable rates that can easily fit into your budget. On the other hand, a digital door lock does not need a professional to operate since you can even synchronize the door lock system to operate from your smartphone or tablet.

Highly convenient

Convenience is one of the key advantages of a digital door lock that is undeniable. By using a digital door lock system, you are able to automate almost all features. Without any physical appearance, you are able to easily open and lock the doors at any time. In fact, there are some models of business digital door locks that can also be linked to other systems in the premises to perform diverse functions. Even at times of intrusion, our digital door locks are also equipped with alarm systems to immediately alert you.

Why Buy Business Digital Door Locks from Digital Door Lock Singapore

Digital Door Lock Singapore is the ultimate dealer that you should always look up to for business digital door locks Singapore. By relying on us, you are always guaranteed the following;

  • The best quality business digital door locks
  • A wide range of keyless digital door locks to choose from
  • Affordable prices
  • Friendly and dependable Customer Service

Our company also offers professional digital door lock installation services that you can also acquire in order to ensure that the system is properly fitted and set up on your business premises. For inquiries about our products and services, do not hesitate talk to us.