Keypad Pin Access Combination Digital Door Lock

Over the past few years, the market has been flooded with various models of keypad PIN Access digital door locks. These are designed with systems whereby the owner of the lock chooses a PIN number, which is activated by pressing buttons to open or lock the door. The latest models also operate in an almost similar way but, they are built with additional features to enhance the ease of their operation and security.

Unlike the conventional models of electronic keypad door locks that had buttons, the new Keypad PIN Access Combination Digital Door Lock is designed with a touchscreen keypad onto which the owners type a code to facilitate accessibility. In case you install this digital lock on your door, you will only be required to come up with a PIN number just like the ones used in ATMs and cellphones.

Even if you may have used this type of digital door lock, it is always recommended that you take a few moments to learn more about it before purchasing. There are various aspects of Keypad Access digital door locks that you need to know in order to decide whether it is the perfect choice for your residence or business. We have outlined some of the key pointers of this digital door lock that can help you in making an informed decision.

Basic Features of Keypad PIN Access Combination Digital Door Lock

In order to guarantee greater security and reliability, Keypad PIN Access digital door locks are built with a series of features. The following are some of the main features;

  • Keyless operation
  • Touchscreen keypad
  • Weather Resistant
  • Flexibility in user codes and settings
  • Lower power consumption

This type of digital door lock is PIN-protected, which means that it can only be accessed by someone who knows the number code. Besides, the settings can only be changed by the owner, which enables you to control who goes into your house. Most models use a set of 4X AA batteries, which can last up to one year.

You can also choose Keypad PIN Access digital door locks with Fake PIN code detection capabilities. This feature can hinder intruders from identifying your secret PIN or number code when trying to access the system.

A Keypad PIN Access digital door lock is also very easy to install. With competency in DIY tasks, you can easily install the lock onto your door. However, you can also hire professional Keypad digital door lock installation services from our company. We can always help you fix the system onto your doors effectively within the shortest time. The lock is ideal for all kinds of door types.

How the Keypad Access Digital Door Lock Works

The Keypad PIN Access Combination Digital Door Lock has a simple design from the outside but, incorporates advanced door locking technologies to ensure its safety and reliability. The lock does not provide for key access, which means you cannot use it with a mechanical key although, there are some models with both functions. The system is programmed to use number codes , which you must provide in order to open or close the door, as well as perform an activity on the system. These codes are simply called PIN number.

A PIN number is a unique combination of words or letters that you can create based on what you can easily remember. The PIN is a secret that you should only share with the person or people that you would want to access your premises. Remember, exposing your PIN to third parties or unauthorized persons could impact burglary or incidences of forced entry into your premises.

Once the lock is installed onto your door, our experts will ask you to create your own PIN, which will be used to program or set the system. In order to access the house, the lock will ask for your PIN, which must be typed onto the touchscreen keypad. The touchscreen keypad acts similar to the ones in smartphones. Apart from just entering the number codes, it can also be used to program the door lock system.

The touchscreen keypad is important because, it does not have mechanical buttons that make it difficult for any other person to track your pin code. In case you expect to use the building with others, you can create additional PIN codes or just a single one for all. Remember, nothing is permanent since you can also delete the number codes at wish. The goal is to ensure that you have total control over who can gain access to your premises.

Benefits of Keypad PIN Access Digital Door Lock

Judging by the features of Keypad PIN Access digital door lock discussed above, there is no doubt this is the ultimate door lock for your residence. By installing even one in your home, there are numerous benefits that you will be able to experience including;

  • No more hassles carrying or keeping door keys
  • Cost effective since no maintenance is required and, the system operates on batteries
  • Pin or number code access ensures only authorized persons can enter the building
  • Easy to use touchscreen keypad

This type of digital door lock is also quite versatile and, can be used in both condos, HBD, landed property, commercial buildings, warehouses and offices. Besides, it is also very flexible with regards to creating and deleting user codes. This offers you the freedom of changing the codes whenever you want. This is mainly important in cases whereby you no longer want a particular person or people to continue accessing the premises.

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