Keyless Digital Electronic Door Lock

Digital Door Lock Singapore is the right dealer that you can always rely on for the best quality electronic digital keyless door locks in Singapore. We stock top notch digital door locks that guarantee greater efficiency and reliability in securing residential and business premises. We understand the importance of security in buildings and have made sure that you are able to get a highly durable, innovative and affordable digital door lock. Our goal is to deliver products that can effectively meet the unique demands of every customer.

Depending on the design of your building or house, level of security required, budget among other elements, we offer various kinds of products to select from. Our electronic digital keyless door locks come in diverse models and designs, tailored to specific applications. And, that is why it is important for you to first take a tour of our website to find out more about the products and, also how to choose the most suitable digital door lock system.

Our main products

Keypad PIN Access Combination Digital Door Lock

We offer various models of digital door locks that can be accessed by PIN or number codes. This type of digital door lock is designed with a touchscreen keypad from where you simply type in your unique code in order to access the building or lock the door. Besides, there are other various features of a Keypad Access digital door lock that are included in the design to make it more secure and easier to operate on your part.

Biometric Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

This is also another electronic digital keyless door lock that you can install in your home or business. A Biometric  Fingerprint Digital Door Lock  operates on biometric authentication that is mainly activated by fingerprints, which must be registered into the system during set up. However, you can also later change the settings of the lock to include fingerprints for other people that you may wish to access the building.

Keyless Remote Digital Door Lock

A Keyless Remote Digital Door Lock is a unique invention that enables you to manage the accessibility to your residence or business premises from anywhere and also at any time. This digital door lock is connected to a phone, tablet or any other internet-based device, from where you are able to conveniently control and also monitor accessibility to your house. After set up, it appears on your phone or tablet in the form of an application that you can simply operate by number codes or biometrics to open or close your doors from wherever you are, provided there is internet connection.

RFID Card Digital Door Lock

RFID Card Digital Door Lock mainly uses a key fob or card to facilitate the opening and closing of the door. Once you install this lock onto your doors, you will be given a special type of card that is linked to the system virtually. Whenever you need to access the door, you will only need to swipe or simply show the card to the door lock. However, there are some models  that also have provisions for using the RFID card authentication together with number codes or other authentication methods.

Benefits of Our Electronic Digital Keyless Door Locks

In case you have used digital door locks before or just had an experience with them, you will agree that it is the most innovative and cost-effective product for managing accessibility and ensuring security in both residential and commercial buildings. If you have never had a digital door lock, the following are some of the benefits that you can enjoy by buying the product from us and hiring our experts to install it for you;

Enhanced security

The construction, designs and installation procedures of digital door locks are always very unique. In fact, even the way they operate and the authentication methods for these products usually vary from one model to another. And, this makes it almost impossible for a third party to compromise or hack into the system. Besides, these products are also quite strong and durable to withstand temperature changes and even acts of burglary.

Our digital door locks can even be programmed to operate according to the owner’s specific demands and schedules. As a result of this, there is always an assurance that your residence or business is safe from intruders.

No more hassles hiding or carrying keys around

Conventional locks require that you have to always have your keys in order to access or lock the door. But, this has led to many disappointments since keys can easily get lost and be destroyed. With a digital door lock, they key is simply a password, number code, biometrics, RFID card or security tokens that you can easily use at will without any worries. In fact, digital door locks require absolutely no key and in case of problems with accessing the system, you do not have to break the lock but simply change the settings and continue using it.

Alerts and Alarms to notify you of intrusion

Another benefit of installing an electronic digital keyless door lock in your house is, it will be able to notify you in case someone tries to access the system or gain entry into the premises without your consent. For example, the Keyless Remote Digital Door Lock has a feature that can provide you with real time information about who accessed your property and when that occurred on request. With a smart digital door lock, you can also set alerts to show in your phone or tablet each time the door is open and closed.

Economical and cost-effective

A digital door lock is one of the most economical options for securing residential and commercial property. This is mainly because, they require little maintenance, have low power consumption and also affordable. Most of the electronic keyless door locks that we offer use a pack of 4 AA batteries, which can sustain their operations for up to a period of one year. Our company also offers the most competitive prices to enable you get the best digital door lock more affordably.


Another reason why many people are rapidly shifting to the use of electronic digital keyless door locks is because of their versatility in application. Our products consist of both Residential Digital Door Locks and Commercial Digital Door Locks, which are ideal for a wide range of applications.

For inquiries about the various kinds of products or services that we offer, simply contact us. You can also read more about electronic door locks on our blog.