Biometrics Digital Door Lock Authentication

Biometrics authentication in Biometric digital door locks is a method of access, which mainly relies on an individual’s unique biological characteristics like, fingerprints, eyes, voice, digital signatures among others. During set up, the user’s data is scanned and fed into the door lock system. In this digital door lock authentication technology, the user’s behavioral traits can also be used including, dynamics of keystroke, which measures how an individual types. The system can analyze elements like, the speed of typing and even the amount of time taken to initiate accessibility.

Whenever one needs to access the system, he or she has to present the biological traits for verification, which reduces the risks of unauthorized access by anyone whose data is not recognized. Biometrics authentication is programmed in a way that makes it very difficult to hack, duplicate or compromise. In fact, it is one of the most secure authentication methods used in a wide range of residential and commercial digital door locks today. And, this has also ensured significant growth in the demand for biometric digital door lock systems.

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Types of Biometrics Authentication

Biometrics Authentication can rely on a number of biological features of the user, and this is one of the reasons the technology is considered secure in digital door locks. The following are some of the main types of biometrics authentication;

Finger scan

This works more like the paper and ink-based fingerprinting although, it is digital conducted. In order to use this Biometrics authentication, the system scans and stores unique fingerprint details like, the patterns of your fingers.

Voice ID

This is whereby the system relies on an individual’s voice to facilitate authentication. It is based on the features created by the shape of the throat and mouth of the user whenever he or she talks.

Retinal scan

This scans and produces an image of the patterns of your inner eye, which will then be used to confirm access whenever you want to use the system.

Facial recognition

In this type of Biometrics Authentication, the system captures face prints. The face prints are unique nodal features on the face of an individual. For accuracy, the system can scan up to 80 unique face print features from just one person.


How Biometrics Authentication Works

For you to use a biometrics authenticated digital door lock, you will be required to first register your biological traits into the system. You can provide one or more samples of the preferred characteristics, which will be scanned by the system and used to create a user profile. However, the system is also very flexible such that, you can sometimes change the biometrics as you wish.

Biometrics authentication works in a very simple way that you can easily get acquainted with. The authentication system basically, compares the data stored in its data base with the one given whenever one needs to gain access. In case the data matches, you will get confirmation and be able to access the door. If the given data is different from the one stored in the data base, you will not be able to open or close the door. All the processes are electronic, which makes it very fast and convenient.

The verification and confirmation procedures will only take a few seconds. A Biometric digital door lock system is also enhanced with a touchscreen keypad from where you are able to view all the activities. Due to the developments in digital door lock technologies, there are some Biometrics authentication enabled digital door locks that operate in multi-factor. In such models, the system is linked to a smartphone from where you can set the authentication to work with a PIN and features like, fingerprint scan.

In order to accurately measure the level of security, the system uses the False Match Rate (FMR) and False Non Match Rate (FNMR). The False Match Rate measures how frequent data provided during access is matched with the one stored in the system and, accessibility is confirmed while False Non Match Rate measures how frequent a biometric data is not matched to the saved data in the system, when it should be positive. Generally, contact technologies like, fingerprint scans are considered the best type of biometrics authentication since they offer a lower FMR and FNMR.

Benefits of Biometrics Authentication

Currently, Biometric digital door locks are among the most sought after in the market and, this confirms the numerous benefits of Biometrics authentication. The following are some of the unique advantages of Biometrics authentication;

Biometric data is almost impossible to lose

Characteristics like, fingerprints, face and voice are things that an individual does not have to remember or keep somewhere. They are on our bodies and, this makes Biometric authentication very unique and secure.

Resistant to social hacks

Since the Biometrics authentication technology is a two-factor access system, it can effectively withstand social attacks. Besides, it also eliminates issues of blame-games, whereby one can deny accessing the system. One has to always provide Biometric data when accessing the door and, this information is saved on the system. This means you can come back later and go through the system’s activity log for the past hours or even days.

Highly convenient

Biometrics Authentication can also be programmed to work on smartphones without buying any hardware. With this approach, you will be able to easily operate the system from your phone whenever you are, provided there is internet connection. In fact, you can even be able to grant access to guests in your absence.

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