Touchscreen Digital Door Lock

A touchscreen digital door lock is one of the most common electronic door locks that you can use in your home or business. It is an ideal keyless door lock system that is easy to install and can deliver better results with regards to access control on your premises. However, there is so much more about a touchscreen digital door lock that you need to know in advance so as to make an informed decision on whether it is the most suitable digital door lock for your property.

Features of a Touchscreen Digital Door Lock

Similar to other models of electronic door locks, a touchscreen digital door lock allows you to access the lock without using a mechanical key. In fact, this digital door lock shares a lot with most automated locks. But, it also has certain unique properties that you can only find out by looking at its features. The following are key features of a touchscreen digital door lock;

Touchscreen Keypad

Unlike conventional deadbolt locks, the touchscreen digital door lock is enhanced with a touchscreen keypad for use in programming the door lock system. Touchscreen keypads are a new invention that can help in ensuring that no traces of your activity can be left behind after using the device. This not only makes the door lock secure but also gives it a unique stylish appeal.

Apart from just access, the touchscreen keypad also offers a platform for you to set the device according to your needs. From the touchscreen keypad, you are able to create and delete authentication number codes as well as perform other settings on how the system should operate. And, you will always be able to view the activities of the lock on the touchscreen keypad.

PIN Code Authentication

A touchscreen keypad digital door lock is operated by PIN code identification, which means that you need to create a unique codes to use in managing the locking and unlocking functions of the door. The system allows users to come up with one master PIN or number code but, it can also support up to 25 or more codes. This means that, you can also create and assign codes for others to use in accessing the lock while you are away for convenience. In order to avoid incidences of intrusion, it is always advisable to keep your PIN secret. With this, you will be able to enjoy better access control and security in your home or business.

In case someone enters a wrong code onto the touchscreen keypad for five consecutive times, the door lock system will automatically shut down. Users will have to wait three minutes before the system restarts. This can also go a long way in preventing intrusions or unauthorized access to your premises.

This digital door lock also has a mechanical key override function, which is to make sure that you are not locked out in the event that the battery runs out, forcing the system to shut down. This means, you can also use a mechanical key to operate the door lock. However, the device has a low battery warning alarm to notify you as soon as the power begins to drain out.

Wireless Communication module

With a touchscreen digital door lock, you are also able to initiate wireless communication for keyless remote access control. Most models of this digital door lock can run on ZWM-1 Z-Wave communication module, which is compatible with a wide range of Z-Wave automated devices. As a result of this, you can easily manage all the operations of the door lock from any remote location provided there is wireless internet connection.

Intrusion alarm

Another key feature of this touchscreen digital door lock is its audible alarms that are raised whenever someone tries to tamper with the lock. This is important in enabling you to call for help in time before any damage or losses occur.

Visual programming guides

Considering the intuitive design of the touchscreen digital door lock, it also comes with voice-assisted manual to assist you in programming the device to your needs. Besides, the guides are also offered in simple visuals that users can easily follow for convenience when programming the door lock system.

The door lock also has a privacy function, which you can use to program the system such that it cannot be operated through the touchscreen keypad. And, the device can be simply engaged by one touch locking.

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