RFID Digital Door Lock Installation

RFID is one of the most efficient technologies used in access control today. And, this is one of the reasons RFID digital door locks have been able to gain significant popularity over the past few years. In order for you to experience the enhanced security and convenience of RFID digital door lock system, it is always important that you acquire the best quality package and installation services. At Digital Door Lock Singapore, we offer top notch RFID digital door locks and installation services that you can always rely on to effectively control access in your premises.

We understand the best installation procedures and also have the right tools to use for various kinds of RFID digital door lock systems. Besides, our company has experienced technicians that will no doubt, deliver exceptional workmanship in every door lock installation project. We specialize in installation services for both residential and commercial digital door locks. In this way, you can always get all the services that you need under one roof.

Considering there are different models, styles and brands of RFID digital door locks, we are always very meticulous when conducting the installation to make sure that the work is tailored to the particular model and also your personal demands. We always strive to deliver services based on the specific instructions of every client. And, our company also has the most competitive rates in the market to make sure that every customer gets the best RFID door lock installation services at affordable prices.

How we Conduct RFID Door Lock Installation

An RFID digital door lock system is not very sophisticated in terms of the general design. However, its simplicity should not deceive you to thinking that it cannot secure your premise. In fact, the system comprises small bits of components, which are all combined into a single unit. Basically, the main components of the system are deadbolts, two metal plates and keycard. Each of the two plates is placed on the outside and inside of the door respectively. The deadbolts are fixed onto the side of the door, where they are able to retract and protract when opening and closing the door.

Whenever you contact us for RFID digital door lock installation, we will first begin by conducting an inspection to determine the particular door or doors where you want the lock installed. One good thing about RFID digital door lock is, it can be fitted onto wooden and metallic doors. From the inspection, we will prepare a free quote to highlight the particular activities and requirements for the job. We always prepare quotations in consultation with our customers so that the installation process is conducted according to your specific instructions and budget.

Our technicians will also carefully check if all the components of the door lock system are included. In this way, there is no chance that your project will be halted simply because of a missing part or component. We will then take measurements and create holes for the deadbolts. This can only take a few minutes since we have all the tools to easily cut through steel and wooden doors.

The holes are punched on the door frame and through the door to create space for fixing the deadbolts and screws to hold the mounting plates in position. The mounting plates are usually very delicate since they contain the card reader and transmitters for the system. And, our technicians are always cautious to ensure that nothing is damaged during the entire process.

After preparing the surfaces, we will fix the internal and external plates as required, making sure that each part falls into its place. For the door to open and close with ease, we will also check the alignment of the deadbolts, including how they protract and retract. Besides, our technicians will also check the alignment of the mounting plates to the deadbolts.

Programming and Testing of the RFID Door Lock System

An installation procedure is never complete without testing the system to see if it works efficiently as required. Before we test the system, our technicians will assist you in programming or setting up the door lock for operation. RFID digital door locks are authenticated by an RFID card with unique computer microchips bearing information about the user. The keycards are usually sold separate from the main door lock systems and, this means you can always choose how many to acquire depending on the intended users of the door.

Based on the number of RFID keycards that you will use with the system, we will ask you to provide personal information including, names and other unique details. This information is fed into the door lock system to acknowledge the specific users of the system. Besides, the information is also linked to your keycard. However, the system will have to verify the information each time you need to access the system. In case the information in the system is different from what is on the keycard, you will not be able to access the lock.

During programming and testing of your  RFID digital door lock, we will also show you a few things about the system including, how to change the settings, solve common hitches and even conduct simple maintenance tasks. In case we encounter any problem during the installation processes, our technicians will make sure that it is properly handled and fixed before handing over. We are always willing to go out of our way to make sure that your door lock is perfectly installed and operating as desired.

Why Hire Digital Door Lock Singapore to Install your RFID Digital Door Lock

The only way to enjoy all the benefits of using keyless digital door locks is hiring an expert to install it on your premises. And, Digital Door Lock Singapore is the most suitable entity for the job. The following are key reasons to always choose our digital door lock installation services;

  • Professional RFID door lock installation for both residential and business property
  • Experienced technicians
  • Dependable workmanship
  • Affordable prices

Finding RFID digital door lock installation services in Singapore can sometimes be challenging but, why get into all that trouble when you can simply contact us for the best. We can offer you the most professional, convenient and affordable RFID digital door lock installation services.