Residential Digital Door Lock

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The home is your private aboard where you should always have total control over accessibility for improved security, convenience and peace of mind. However, access control can be very tricky, especially when you do not have the right products or tools to do it. At Digital Door Lock Singapore, we offer a selection of the best residential digital door locks that you can use to ensure efficient and reliable access control in your home.

By obtaining our residential digital door locks, you will not only be able to control who goes in and out but, also feel within the home and even while you are away . Instead of mechanical keys, our digital door locks are automated to operate on diverse authentication methods  and other advanced technologies that are pick-proof. The innovation behind these door lock systems makes them almost impossible for burglars or other people who may want to access your home without permission to compromise.

Our company recognizes the fact that customers usually have different preferences when it comes to digital door locks. And, that is why we offer a wide range of residential digital door locks to choose from. These door lock systems are based on diverse technologies to make them unique and more appropriate for use in various kinds of residential establishments including, condos, HDB and landed property.

Condominium Digital Door Lock

Maintaining the security in your condominium can sometimes be challenging considering the multiple number of people using the same compound. But, we have a selection of the best quality condominium digital door locks that you can use to effectively take charge of the accessibility to your apartment. Even if you own the entire estate, we can still deliver unique digital door locks for the entire facility so that each tenant is assured of efficient access control in their units.

HDB Digital Door Lock

In Singapore, almost 80% of the citizens stay in HDB properties that offer shelter to tens of thousands of families. One of the key aspects of HDB is, they are built in different shapes and sizes to suit diverse lifestyles and preferences. Since we are aware of this fact, our company offers different kinds and models of digital door locks that you can choose from for the particular size or design of your residence. We can always help you in choosing the most suitable digital door lock for every kind of HDB flat types.

Landed Property Door Lock

Living in a landed property comes with great freedom since you have the title of the land, which means no limitations to access control. The most convenient and economical option for ensuring better access control and security in this kind of settlement is through our landed property digital door locks. We have a collection of highly efficient and durable digital door locks that are customized for landed property. Depending on your needs and budget, we can help you get the perfect landed property digital door lock for the main doors as well as other entry points on the property.

Advantages of Our Residential Digital Door Lock

The residential digital door locks that we offer at Digital Door Lock Singapore are not like the common door locks in the market. The selection of our products is always based on innovation, convenience and reliability. And, this has ensured great customer satisfaction in the various residential digital door locks that we offer. The following are advantages of using our residential digital door locks in your home;

  • No more hassles carrying keys
  • Unique authentication methods for better security
  • Cost-effective access control
  • Easy to install and customize
  • Support both automatic and manual locking functions

Choosing our residential digital door locks also makes access control much easier and convenient in the sense that, you can even choose to operate the system remotely. This can be achieved by using the Keyless Remote Digital Door Lock. With this type of digital door lock, you are also able to easily monitor those who go in and come out of your home remotely. Our digital door locks are designed to operate on 4 AA batteries, which is very economical in terms of energy consumption.

A residential digital door lock also requires very little maintenance that is mainly DIY. This means, you can continue enjoying enhanced access control and security in your home without spending huge sums of money. Most models of our residential digital door locks also have alert systems, which are important in notifying the home owner in cases of burglary or unauthorized access. The door lock can be linked to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC to always send alerts whenever the system is compromised for immediate action.

In order to meet the diverse preferences of home owners, we have also made sure that all the keyless digital locks that we offer are built with different functionalities. Since all the door locks are automated, it is much easier for users to program them based on individual needs. For instance, you can even choose the specific times when the doors open and close. Besides, you can also opt for either manual or automatic operation for the door lock.

Order the Best Quality Residential Digital Door Lock Singapore

The only trusted dealer and distributor of residential digital door locks in Singapore is Digital Door Lock Singapore. Our company is the right partner that you can always count on whenever you need a residential digital door lock for your condo, HDB or landed property. And, you do not have to walk or drive all the way to our stores in order to get the right digital door lock for your home.

By just a simple call, we can make sure that you are able to get the best quality and affordable residential digital door lock in the shortest time. And, we go further, to also offer digital door lock installation services so that all your needs can be met under one roof. For inquiries about our products and services, get in touch!