About Digital Door Lock Singapore

Digital Door Lock Singapore is the company that you can always look up to for the best quality electronic digital keyless door locks and installation services. Our company is founded on the principle of delivering top notch quality products and services with unmatched reliability and affordability to all customers across Singapore. We are a registered company specializing in electronic keyless digital door locks and installation services for both homes and businesses.

We understand the varying customer needs and technologies when it comes to digital door locks. As a result of this, our product portfolio includes diverse digital door lock types and models so you can always get the perfect match for your needs.  We have a good working relationship with top electronic keyless door lock manufacturers and, this has enabled us to always deliver great products and services with unrivaled reliability.

Our Products

We offer a collection of the best digital door locks that you can always choose from for your condominium, HDB, landed property, office, commercial building or warehouse.  The key products that we deal in include;

These digital door locks also come with different authentication methods including, Number Code and Passcode Authentication, Security Tokens Authentication, Biometrics Authentication and RFID Authentication.

Our Services

At Digital Door Lock Singapore, we are committed to ensuring that every customer who we serve is satisfied. And, that is why we go further to also offer professional digital door lock installation services.  Our company has a team of technicians with training and experience in digital door lock installation. We specialize in the following services;

Our services do not just end here, we can also help you in choosing a suitable electronic digital keyless door lock system for your needs. Although the technology used in the design of digital door locks is similar, there are a few disparities in the features that you may not easily know about but, are very important. And, that is why we have a team of trained Customer Support attendants to help customers while shopping for our digital keyless door locks. You can also refer to our blog for more information about digital door lock systems.

Even after the installation, we can still come to your aid in case of a hitch that requires our attention. In fact, it is always advisable that you get in touch with us in case of a problem with the door lock instead of attempting to work on it on your own. Such moves could be destructive and even impact much greater and costly problems.

Why Choose Digital Door Lock Singapore

By obtaining electronic digital keyless door locks and installation services from our company, you are always guaranteed the following;

Convenient products and service delivery

For inquiries or free quotations for our products and installation services, do not hesitate to talk to us!