HDB Digital Door Lock

In an attempt to tame the rising need for low cost public residential housing, the Singapore Government passed the Housing and Development Act in 1960. This saw the birth of the Housing and Development Board or HDB. Owing to the affordability of HDB, the program has gained significant popularity over the years. Under Singapore’s Ministry of National Development, HDB has currently been able to provide better and affordable housing to about 82 percent of the country’s population.

Considering the huge number of people residing in HDB in Singapore, security is an issue that you cannot ignore. One of the best ways to secure your HDB flat or apartment is installing a HDB digital door lock. Digital Door Lock Singapore is the ideal company that can offer you the best quality and affordable HDB digital door locks. Our goal is to help home owners improve security and access control. We offer a wide range of digital door locks for HDB to choose from including, Keypad Access digital door locks, Keyless Remote digital door locks, RFID digital door locks and Biometrics.

Despite the affordability of HDB in Singapore, a majority of the houses are designed and constructed to the best standards. And, this is another reason they now shelter more than ¾ of the population.  However, most of the houses usually have conventional or no door locks, which have exposed many people to great losses and security threats. This has sparked a significant increase in the demand for digital door locks, and it is just in order that you too should also consider getting our products.

Where to Use a HDB Digital Door Lock

In order to experience the benefits of our HDB digital door locks, you should first know where to use them in your HDB apartment or flat. We can help you in identifying the right HDB door locks and also where to install them.

Generally, most HDB are built using the same designs but, fixing a digital door lock in your home will not alter the design or layout in any way. Depending on the design of your house, the digital door lock can either be set up on the front door, back door or doors to other rooms. In fact, you can even choose to acquire HDB digital door locks for all the doors in your home.

Apart from individual houses in HDB, our digital door locks can also be fixed on the main entrances to the establishments. Some HDBs now have one entrance shared by all tenants on the block and installing digital locks to the main entrance could be a great way to secure the premises from outsiders since the locks can be programmed to only allow access to residents. Our digital door locks can also be used on facilities within the HDB like, the gym, in case yours has them.

Advantages of Using HDB Digital Door Locks

Choosing to acquire our HDB digital door locks for your apartment or flat comes with numerous advantages including;

Total control over accessibility to your home

Our HDB door locks are all automated to ensure that you can easily control access to your home. The locks can be programmed such that you are able to allow only specific people to enter or leave your home. Besides, you can even set the door to automatically open and lock only at particular times of day or night.

Keyless Entry

By using a HDB digital door lock in your home, you will no longer need mechanical keys, which are usually easy to loose and also forge. Our doors are designed to work with diverse authentication methods that do not require the use of keys including, Number Code and Passcode Authentication, Biometrics Authentication, Security Tokens Authentication and RFID Authentication.


Our digital door locks are also very cost-effective to operate and maintain, which makes them ideal for those living in HDB. These locks are powered by a pack of 4 AA batteries that can last up to 12 months. Besides, there is also very little maintenance required for digital door locks. We also offer HDB digital door locks at fair prices that can suit just any budget. In fact, our company has the most competitive prices in the market.

Aesthetic Appeal

Apart from improving security and access control to your home, our HDB digital door locks are also accorded a stylish design to enhance the appeal of your home. The door locks can be obtained in a wide range of elegant finishes, which can easily complement the appeal of your home and other features therein.

For a high quality and affordable HDB digital door lock and installation services Singapore, simply get in touch with us!