Advantages of Digital Lock

Electronic keyless digital door locks offer a more reliable and cost-effective option for improving security in both residential and business property. Unlike standard door locks, digital locks are designed and built with intuitive features and functions that enable users to effectively control and manage accessibility to their premises. In fact, there is so much more that make digital locks a cutting edge technology when it comes to controlling accessibility in homes and business establishments.

Switching to keyless door lock systems come with numerous benefits geared towards improving security in buildings. The following are key advantages of digital lock systems that you can enjoy while using one or more on your property.

No more carrying keys around

One of the greatest advantages of digital door locks is, keyless access. Digital lock systems are fully automated and can be operated without standard door lock keys. Depending on the type of digital lock that you choose, the locks have different authentication methods for every device. And, these do not involve the use of mechanical keys like in conventional door locks.

Some of the most popular and secure authentication methods for keyless lock systems include, Number code and Passcode, Security Tokens, Biometric and RFID authentication. For convenience and flexibility, you can also opt for digital door locks with both keyless and keyed access functions. Since most digital door locks operate without keys, they are very difficult for unauthorized persons to pick or duplicate.

Improved security

Digital locks are very secure to use in residential and business property because the technologies are mainly based on two-factor or multi-factor authentication. This means, for one to gain access to the lock, they have to go through a series of verification procedures, which makes it more complicated to hack or compromise. Besides, there are some digital locks like, Biometric Fingerprint digital door locks that rely on unique user biological characteristics for authentication, which are very unique, cannot be shared or lost.

Another reason digital locks offer enhanced security is, they can controlled from a central point of your choice. For instance, when using Keyless Remote, RFID or Biometric Fingerprint digital door lock, the system can be installed on your phone, tablet or PC as an application. With this, you will be able to control who goes in and out of the door whenever you wish. In fact, users can also set the devices to run on automatic locking and unlocking modes.

Digital door locks can also keep backup of all the activities on the locks, which can help with dealing with security issues like, unauthorized access. In case of an intrusion, you can simply refer to the lock activity history for information about who accessed the lock and when that occurred. With this, there is always no chances for denying responsibility during events of unauthorized access.

There are also several digital door lock types and models with alarms to alert users whenever there is an attempted access by an intruder. Depending on the model that you have the alarms can be sent in the form of notifications directly to your phone or tablet.

Flexibility in Access Control

With a digital door lock on your property, there is always greater freedom on how you can manage accessibility. Smart door locks have myriad features that you can use to set the device to operate on your schedule. Keyless door lock systems can efficiently support one or multiple users without the need for physical presence. For example, a keyless remote digital door lock offers users the opportunity to create access codes for guests, friends and other people on temporary or permanent basis.

Since a wide range of digital door locks can be customized to work with wireless devices like, tablets and cellphones, you can easily lock and unlock the doors from wherever you are at any time. Besides, you will also be able to receive alerts each time someone goes through the lock via text messages or email. Access codes can always be created and deleted at wish, depending on how you want to manage accessibility to your premises.


Switching to digital door locks can also help you secure your home or business establishment without spending more. Although most people are usually worried about the initial cost and price of digital door locks, these systems are very affordable to acquire and operate. Once the system is installed, very little maintenance is required and most of the activities are DIY. Besides, the installation is also very simple and fast since digital door locks can effectively work independently without the need for additional components.

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