What is a RIM Lock?

A RIM lock or cylinder is a type of door lock used in most homes and commercial premises. Unlike other kinds of cylinders, a RIM lock is recommended for securing rooms within a building but, not the front door. This is mainly because it is not usually very secure on its own. In order to use a RIM lock on the front door or any other place where high level security is required, it is recommended that you install it with additional security devices. The most common supportive device for use with RIM locks is bolts.

The installation of a RIM lock is easy since it comes with screws to use in fixing it onto the door. Basically, the cylinder has four screws to hold the entire lock into place. In fact, you will only need a screw driver to fix this lock onto your door. Besides, you can still use the screw driver to remove the lock from inside, thereby opening the door. In fact, RIM lock installation does not involve complex procedures and, you can even do it on your own.

Rim locks offer basic security and can go a long way in improving access control in your home or office. Most of the common models of RIM locks can operate with up to 20 different keys. Despite the security that they offer, there are also some people who use RIM lock for their aesthetic appeal. The sleek finishes of these locks make them great decorative pieces that you can also use to add a touch of beauty and style to your home.

Due to the aesthetic appeal of RIM locks, they are recommended for internal doors like, kitchen doors, bathroom doors and bedroom doors. In case your office is partitioned into different rooms, you can also use a RIM lock to secure those sections. For main entrances, you will need additional security to ensure better access control. RIM locks are mounted on the surface of the door, which means you do not need to create a hole through the door in order to install it.

Types of RIM Locks

There are two main kinds of RIM cylinders that you can choose from in the market including, RIM Sashlocks and RIM deadlocks.

RIM Sashlocks

This type of Rim lock is designed with a latch and handle. The work of the handle is to facilitate the retraction of the latch.

RIM Deadlocks

These are much simpler in design and have bolts but, no handles.

The operation of most RIM locks is through a set of knobs that can either be included in the lock or fixed during installation. One of the knobs has a rose for operating the side of the door that is unlockable while the other is not fitted with a rose since it is used on the lockable part of the door.

Materials of RIM Locks

Just like most door locks in the market, RIM locks are made from a wide range of sturdy materials for durability. Some of the most common RIM lock materials include cast iron, bronze and brass. However, you can also find a RIM cylinder made of wood. Conventional wooden RIM locks are usually very large in size, which can sometimes make it challenging to use in your home or business. But, there are specialists that can still forge medium and small-sizes RIM locks for you.

Generally, brass RIM locks are mainly recommended for houses with Edwardian or Victorian designs. On the other hand, wooden RIM locks are suitable for use in antique styled houses. In fact, you can even find RIM cylinders that are specifically designed for use on bathroom doors with impressive features that can tell users if the room is occupied. This makes them very convenient as someone can easily tell when the bathroom is in use without struggling to open the door.

RIM locks come in diverse styles and finishes that you can always choose from depending on the décor of your house. In fact, you can easily get customized designs to effectively complement the color and style of your door handles, the door and other decorative elements in the room. In fact, this is one of the reasons RIM locks have continued to play an important role in decorating homes and commercial establishments.

Choosing the best RIM lock can sometimes be challenging owing to the numerous models and styles in the market. At Digital Door Lock Singapore, we can help you find the best RIM lock for your residence or business with the least effort.