Types Of Keyless Door Locks & Choosing Your Digital Lock?

Keyless door locks have been around for so many years, however, many still believe in the myth that digital door locks are expensive. As a result, quite a number of people still fear buying keyless digital door locks. The truth is, digital door locks are among the best security systems for both homes and businesses that you can easily acquire at very affordable rates for just every budget.

There are various types and models of digital door locks that you can choose from to enhance access control in your residence or business. However, it should be noted that digital door locks usually vary in type, design, level of security, cost among other factors. And, it is important that you get to know about all these factors when planning to buy keyless door locks in order to get the most suitable one for your premises.

Types of Keyless Door Locks

Although there are diverse keyless door lock designs, you should never just go for any pick simply because it looks good or seen it in an impressive advert somewhere. Remember a door lock may look great from the outside but, unable to deliver the required level of security and access control. The following are popular types of keyless door locks that you should consider;

  • Keypad Access digital door lock
  • Biometric digital door lock
  • Keyless Remote Digital door lock
  • RFID Card Digital door lock

Generally, keyless door locks are operated without mechanical keys. However, you can also find some models with both automated and mechanical key functions, which is also convenient in case you forget your PIN, lose your keycard or other devices for authenticating digital door locks. Besides, it should also be noted that keyless door locks also have unique authentication methods, which vary from one type to another.

How to Choose the Best Digital Door Lock for your Home and Business

When shopping for digital door locks, there are a few points to consider in order to get the right match for your premises. The following points will help you in choosing your digital door lock:


Digital door locks are recommended for both residential and business premises. However, this does not mean that just any keyless door lock model is ideal. In case you need a digital door lock for your HDB, condo or landed property, it is advisable that you choose residential digital door locks.

If you are looking for a keyless door lock for an office, warehouse or commercial building, there is a wide range of business digital door locks to choose from.

Authentication method

Authentication method simply refers to the way in which the door lock is accessed or operated. For convenience and safety, it is advisable to choose a digital door lock with an authentication method that you can easily operate but seems complicated to third parties or burglars. Generally, digital door locks with two-factor authentication methods like, RFID, Biometric, Keyless Remote and Keypad Access are considered the best. These have unique authentication procedures that are resistant to burglars and unauthorized access.


Digital door lock price and cost is a significant aspect that you should also be very keen on when shopping for the products. The cost of keyless door locks usually vary depending on the type, level of security, where it is used among other factors. Although many customers are often attracted to cheaper prices, you should always be very cautious since most of them are low quality products.

There is also no guarantee that the most expensive digital door lock is the most secure and durable. There are several types of high quality digital door locks that you can easily get at affordable prices for your budget in Singapore. Despite the cost, always make sure that the quality of the keyless door lock is top notch for the best results.


Digital door locks also come in a wide range of finishes that you can choose from depending on the theme or setting of your premises. In fact, there are some digital door locks with customized finishes that can effectively match with the doors or environments where they are used. However, you can also opt for digital door locks with elegant finishes to create a unique stylish appeal in your home or business.

For the best selection of high quality and fairly priced keyless door locks in Singapore, simply talk to Digital Door Lock Singapore. We can help you get the most suitable digital door lock for your home, business and budget.