Digital Smart Door Lock

Digital smart door locks is the way to go when looking for a more efficient and reliable means of access control in residential and business premises. Unlike conventional door locks, digital smart door locks are automated, which means you do not need physical keys to open or close the door. The design incorporates advanced technologies, which are aimed at making digital smart door lock resistant to numerous threats like, system hacks or compromise by unauthorized users.

When planning to buy digital smart door locks, there are a few things that you should first get to know in order to determine the best.

Common Types of Digital Smart Door Locks

Owing to the enhanced security of digital smart door locks, they are ideal for just a wide range of premises. However, it should be noted that there are various kinds of digital smart door locks in the market to choose from. Each of these digital door locks has a unique authentication method for use whenever one needs to access the system. Besides, the features also vary from one type to another. The following are some of the main types of digital smart door locks that you should consider when seeking to improve security and access control in your building;

Keypad PIN Access Combination Digital Door Lock

These are considered very efficient since they offer the option of keyless or keyed access. This type of digital smart door lock relies on number code and passcode authentication. Besides, it can also work with security tokens authentication, depending on the model that you are using in your home or business.

Biometric Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

A Biometric Fingerprint digital door lock is based on fingerprint ID, which acts as the key for accessing the system. Other features of this digital smart door lock include, keypad programming, automatic locking modes, alarms among others. It is operated by Biometric Authentication.

Keyless Remote Digital Door Lock

This form of digital smart door lock is considered very flexible and versatile since it enables you to control access to your premises remotely from a device like, cellphone or PC. The system is internet-enabled and can also store traffic data. A Keyless Remote digital door lock relies on number code and password authentication.

RFID Card Digital Door Lock

An RFID card digital door lock mainly uses a special tag or micro-chip embedded on a device or card to control access. The tag or card and door lock system use radio frequency signals to communicate whenever one needs to access the door. The system has sensors that electronically scans and verifies data on the tag and compares it with that contained in its database so as to facilitate authentication. This digital door lock works with RFID authentication.

The Application of Digital Smart Door Lock

As pointed out above, digital smart door locks have quite a number of applications. All the above types of digital smart door locks can be used in a wide range of residential establishments like, condos, HDB and landed property. Besides, you can also use a digital smart door lock for various businesses including, warehouses, and office as well as commercial buildings. However, it is important that you understand the features of each type of digital smart door lock in order to determine the best one for your home or business.

Choosing Digital Smart Door Locks

Apart from features, there are other aspects too that you should consider when planning to buy a digital smart door lock in order to get the best. One of these is, the level of security required in the premises. Digital smart door locks vary in technology and, it is advisable that you choose one that is unique and also easy to operate on your part. Go for a digital smart door lock with the preferred authentication method.

Convenience is an integral aspect of digital smart door locks but, you should also be keen to identify one that you will not have problems operating. In case you will be sharing the door with others, it is important to consider their needs too. In this way, you will be able to enjoy better access control in your building.

Although the cost of digital smart door locks is also an important factor to consider when shopping for the products, the benefits of these systems outweigh the initial investment. However, there are several affordable digital smart door locks that you can easily get in the market.

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