Number Code and Password Authenticate

Number Code & Password authentication are among the most common digital door lock authentication methods. In fact, most of us use passwords and number codes in quite a number of devices including, cellphones, PCs, tablets, safes among others. In keyless digital door locks, number code and passwords also work in a similar way; granting accessibility. A number code or password can be created from a string of numbers, letters, characters or both, and used to authenticate the door lock.

In case you have a digital door lock that is operated by number code & password, you will have to register them into the system when setting up the door lock in order to gain access. There is usually no condition to what your password or number code should be. This means, you can come up with anything like, a word or characters. However, many door lock systems often allow users to create passwords of between 7 and 10 characters long. Therefore, you must make sure that you come up with numbers, letters, word or characters not exceeding these counts.

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How Number Code & Password Authentication Works

In order to determine whether a number code and password enabled digital door lock is the best for your home or business, it is important that you first find out how it operates. Number code and password digital door lock authentication works in a very simple way for convenience. As pointed out above, the user needs to first create his or her unique code, which must be registered into the system.

Depending on how you intend to manage access control, you can create one number code and password or a variety. Digital door locks that are number code and password enabled are designed with touchscreen keypads from where you are able to easily compose the number code or password that you intend to use on the system. Once you have composed the characters, they will be saved into the system for reference whenever you need to access the door.

A Number code and password can either open or close the door. Even if you need to make any changes to the settings of your digital door lock system, you will have to provide the unique code or password. The door lock also has a screen from where you can see as you type the password. After typing in the password, the system will take a few seconds to verify before granting or refusing access. You will only be able to access the system if the password or code typed in correctly matches that registered in the system.

In case you miss even a single character when typing, the system will not undertake the given task. In fact, it should be noted that number code and password enabled digital door locks can only work with the details saved in the system. Any other password or code that is not included in the system will be rejected. If your door lock has an alarm system, it will immediately notify you whenever someone enters a wrong password or number code into the system.

Users can always create as many number codes and passwords as they wish. Besides, you can also choose to change the passwords whenever you want. In case you intend to install many digital door locks in your building, you can choose a single password for all or create a unique one for each. Regardless of your choice, always make sure that the number codes and passwords are kept safe to prevent incidences of intrusion or compromise to your door lock system.

Benefits of Number Code and Password Authentication

There are several advantages of choosing a digital door lock with number code and password authentication. The following are the main reasons you should consider Number code and password authentication over other authentication methods;

Easy to compose and remember

Creating a number code or password is very easy, and can take you just a few minutes to set up. Although it requires proper thought, unique characters to operate your door lock can consist of maybe your names, date of birth or something easily memorable. This makes number code and password authentication very reliable.

Simple operation

Number code and password authentication works in a very simple way, which makes the door lock very convenient. By typing in the correct password, you are able to access and program the system as you wish in just a matter of seconds since it is automated.

Not vulnerable to manipulation

Unlike other access options, a number code and password are unique compositions that third parties cannot easily guess or determine. If the number code and passwords are kept safely, you are able to enjoy better access control in your residence or business for many years without any case of intrusion on your door lock.

Keyless door lock access

Another benefit of choosing number code and password-enabled digital door locks is, you will no longer need to use mechanical keys to gain access to the building. Passwords and number codes are not easy to lose and cannot also be duplicated. As a result of this, they are not only safe but, also economical. In case you forget the password, there is a way to re-set the system and create new passwords and number codes.

Application of Number Code and Password Authentication

Number code and password authentication is a method that can be applied in a wide range of digital door locks. However, it is mainly applied in Keypad Access digital door locks and Keyless Remote digital door locks.

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