Ditch the Keys

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If you have not yet ditched the keys, it’s high time you started making plans because keyless digital door locks is the way to go. Over the years, most home owners and businesses have used mechanical deadbolt locks to secure their premises. However, the results have been very disturbing mainly because of the numerous vulnerabilities of conventional door lock systems. Today, keyless digital door locks are the best security devices that you can easily acquire and install on your property for efficient and reliable access control.

In order to effectively ditch the keys, there are a few steps you should take. These steps are aimed at enabling you to fully automate your door lock systems for convenience when it comes to access control. The following guidelines will help you on how to swiftly ditch the keys for residential or business digital door locks.

Common Keyless Digital Door Locks

There are various options to choose from when thinking of switching to digital door locks. As a result, it is advisable that you also get to know about some of the popular varieties of digital door locks. Although digital door locks operate in more or less similar way, they have varied features that you should keenly look into when shopping for the products. The common digital door locks that you should consider buying include;

Each of the digital door locks listed above has a unique method of authentication, and that is one of the greatest features that make them more secure and versatile. Besides, it should also be noted that these digital door locks are available in a wide range of styles, models, types and designs to select from depending on the level of security required, your budget and lifestyle.

Features of Digital Door Locks

There are quite a number of features of keyless digital door locks that enables them to be more reliable and convenient in access control than mechanical key locks. Most types of digital door locks operate on two-factor authentication, which is a detailed accessibility verification process. This makes it challenging for intruders to hack or compromise the locks. All these processes are automated and do not entail keyed access.

For greater flexibility in access control, you can also opt for a digital door lock that incorporates both keyed and keyless access. Other features of digital door locks that you should also take note of when shopping include, automatic locking and unlocking function, wireless connection, door lock activity backup, intruder alarms or alerts and temporary access function. Home and business owners can also choose digital door locks that can be managed from portable devices like smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The features highlighted above are shared by almost all digital door locks but, there are certain variations too. Remember, it is only through the features that you will be able to know the strengths and weaknesses of every type or model of digital door lock. The best digital door lock to switch to should possess all the features that you need for better access control and security on your premises.

Application of Electronic Door Locks

When thinking of obtaining a digital door lock, you should also consider where you intend to use or install it. Unlike mechanical locks, digital door locks are designed for specific applications that you should also know in order to get the most suitable one for your property. Remember, you can only experience enhanced security and access control when you have the right type of digital door lock for your building.

The application of digital door locks is mainly categorized into two; residential digital door locks and business digital door locks. Residential digital door locks are recommended for HDB, landed property and condominiums. Business digital door locks on the other hand, are suitable for offices, warehouses and commercial buildings. Smart digital door locks vary in level of security and, you must be keen to get the perfect fit.

Installation of Digital Door Lock

The last step in ditching the keys involves the installation of a digital door lock system on your residence or business. The installation of digital door locks is just as simple as standard door locks with most of the activities being DIY. For the best results, always hire a professional to handle the installation and setup of the digital lock.

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