RIM and Mortise Lock Difference

RIM and Mortise locks are a common sight in most residential and business establishments. On the outside, these door locks look very similar and, this has led many people into confusion when buying them. However, that is not an experience that you will ever go through after reading the comparisons of RIM and mortise locks discussed herein.

Despite the various similarities between RIM and mortise, they also have certain disparities that you should be knowledgeable on. The following are some of the key differences between RIM and mortise cylinders;


Most of these disparities are mainly focused on the designs of RIM and mortise locks. The main difference between a mortise and RIM lock lies in how they fit into the lock and design of their tailpieces. Mortise locks or cylinders have threading on the exterior surfaces and a cam. On the other hand, RIM locks are designed with a stem and bolts that protrudes onto the door. As a result of this, mortise cylinders look like they are sunken into the door when fixed while RIM cylinders project to the outside.

Due to the threading on the exterior of mortise locks, it can be said that installing them is easier by simply screwing the body into the door. The lock also has a set of screws to hold it in place after installation. The RIM cylinder does not have threading instead, enhanced with two mounting bolts that are connected to a metallic plate behind the door to hold the lock in place.

Locking mechanisms

The locking mechanisms of these two cylinders is also a significant point of disparity that you should take note of. RIM and mortise locks vary in the way in which their locking systems operate. Mortise cylinders are built with a cam on the back that revolves as the key is placed into the lock. As a result of this, the lock is activated. On the part of a RIM lock, it is the threaded stem that turns to activate the lock whenever the key is turned. A mortise door lock is activated from the inside of the door downwards while a RIM cylinder is activated behind the door going backwards.


You can also spot differences between RIM and mortise locks based on they are installed onto the doors. In order to install a mortise cylinder onto your door, a hole must be cut into the side for fixing the lock. As a result of this, the body of a mortise lock rests inside the cut hole. When fixing a RIM cylinder, the body of the lock rests on the outside of the door and, it does not need cutting any hole. The most common device used in installing a RIM lock is an exit or panic bar. The panic bar is placed behind the lock to facilitate retraction of the latch bolt so that the door can open freely.

Despite the numerous differences between RIM and mortise cylinders discussed above, both are ideal for securing homes and businesses. In fact, RIM and Mortise cylinders are efficient and reliable door locks that you can use to control accessibility in your premises. However, it should be noted that there are various models of both locks that you should also look into before settling on one.

Considering the disparity in the locking mechanisms of RIM and mortise, you should also expect the same when choosing various models. However, this does not mean that one is more secure than the other. All the door locks are recommended for use in residential and commercial premises. Apart from the various models of RIM and mortise cylinders, cost is also another factor that you should consider when shopping for these products.

The cost of RIM and mortise door locks also vary from one model to another and, can also be based on the material used in construction, finishes among other aspects. But, this should not scare you from obtaining a RIM or mortise cylinder for your home or business. Through a good door lock dealer, you can easily get the best quality mortise or RIM lock for your budget. In order to get the best lock for your budget, it is advisable that you make comparisons from a few dealers. This will help you to understand the price range and also get the most affordable match for your needs.

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